Review Policy

My reviews are composed of my honest thoughts and feelings, which means that I may either write a positive review or a negative review. I definitely do not mean to sound rude or hurt anybody – publisher or author or reader. That’s the last thing I want.

Reviews include:

i. Cover*

ii. Book title & author’s name

iii. Publisher

iv. Total # of pages

v. Rating (over 5)

vi. ISBN13*

vii. Synopsis**

and my thoughts, before+during+after reading the book (which may consist of my thoughts on the main/side characters, if the book made me cry or not, what would make the book better in my opinion, and other random stuff)

*will probably be taken from Goodreads

**taken from Goodreads

I share my reviews on Goodreads, too. (not the full review, only parts where there aren’t any spoilers [unless I cannot write anything without giving spoilers])

I’d love to read and review your book(s) and I’m happy you’re considering me for a review!

You’ll have to remember that I’ll give you an honest review, though.

And also please keep in mind that English is not my first language, therefore there will be grammar mistakes and other errors in my reviews, I’m sorry for that but if for some reason that bugs you, then I’m not the right person for you. 😀

Although I’d prefer physical copies, I’m aware that international shipping can be a bit pricey so it’s completely okay if you want to send me en e-copy/ebook.

I do not own a Kindle at the moment, but I do have Bluefire Reader app on my iPad (don’t know if that’s functional at all, though, since I’ve never properly used it) and a Kobo account. A PDF is also okay. 😀

Preferred Genres: 

i. Young Adult

ii. New Adult

iii. Dystopian

iv. Sci-Fi

v. Fantasy

vi. Romance

vii. Adventure

Not Accepting:

i. Erotica

ii. Religious

iii. Nonfiction

::: You can send an email to to contact me. :::


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