Hi, again!

From 16th to 20th of March, I was in Luxembourg for the 2016 GIN Conference. GIN stands for Global Issues Network, where you choose a “global” problem and take an action towards solving it by “thinking global, acting local”. Then you prepare presentations about these problems and present them at the GIN conference of your choice.

Basically, that was the main reason behind our trip. However, we missed like 3 days of school and it felt like a much-needed vacation. Obviously, as I always do, I looked at the list of English bookstores in Luxembourg and took note of them.

I went to Alinea Bookstore in Rue Beaumont, the city centre.

It was like the old bookstores you see in movies, walls of shelves and shelves full of books. I loved the smell of books in the store (duh, it is a bookstore) and if it weren’t for my friends who insisted on leaving the bookstore as soon as possible, I would have probably stayed there for an hour or so. Sadly, even though the books there were incredibly precious, I couldn’t find anything on my TBR list, as I am trying to stick to my TBR until I manage to take full control of it. Heh.


This is a street sign-thing (what are these called?!) in front of Alinea. I kept seeing photos of these things and this was the first time I was seeing something like this in my whole life so I was pretty excited. Heh.

Here is the official website of Alinea (coming soon), where you can also find its address and all.

Next stop is the All-English Bookstore, Ernster.

Sadly, I couldn’t take any photos of the inside of the bookstore because I was absolutely mesmerised by everything in there. As the name suggests, this bookstore had only English books, under different genres: non-fiction, fiction, mystery and thriller, young adult and children.

The young adult section offered a great selection of your favorite YA books. This includes new releases, too. This only consists of paperbacks, though. No hardcovers *wipes non-existing tears*

Not only this but you could also buy bookish related items, too! There were mini stands in between the shelves and they had boxes of teas, pens, candles, stickers or even tote bags?!?!!?

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 10.01.28 pm.png

This one was my favorite but there was also another one that said “So many books, so little time” which was equally adorable.

And here is the address of this lovely bookstore.

Seriously, it should be under the “must visit” list if you ever find yourself in Luxembourg.

Sooo, this was it, basically. Our grand 4-day vacation in Europe would have been better if it weren’t for the bombing in Istanbul but that is a whole different topic that we probably will not discuss.

I definitely had amazing days there, our hotel was amazing and public transportation was very easy to follow. The city-slash-country was quite small and empty for us as we are used to the crowded streets of Istanbul but it was warm nevertheless.

Now, it has been three days since we have come back home and we cannot stop talking about our wonderful time in Luxembourg with my friends.

Farewell, Luxembourg, until next time!



2015 Favorites & 2016 Wishlist

Hello from (a very snowy) Istanbul!

Now that we have a little bit over 24 hours for the end of the year, I think it is time for me to actually start (and finish) writing this post.

2015 was a year I grew up mentally and physically, in so many different ways, and became a bit more aware of the things around me.

I’m not going to write all that “new year, new me” crap because to be honest I hate changes and changing things in my life, so I’m just going to live my life in 2016 the same way I lived in 2015.

I read some very amazing books though, and the only thing about 2015 that I would want to change is probably the number of books I want to read. Heh. What better way to end the year with a favorites post?

Without further ado, here are my favorite books of two-kay-fifteen!

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BOOK HAUL: November

Helloooo hellooo *waves hands*

My TBR pile is getting bigger and bigger and it’s starting to get out of hand, so I decided to stop buying books for a while and just read the ones I already bought.

Everything was great, I spent a whole month (wow) without buying books and I was getting ready for my trip to Germany, I knew that I was going to visit bookstores and buy books but you know, I hadn’t bought anything that month so I wasn’t feeling bad or anything.

I left Germany with 2 books, a bit disappointing but still satisfying.

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Helloooo, I’m back with another “Most Anticipated Releases” post! 😀

October was a quite busy month for me and I couldn’t read anything properly so my October Wrap Up will be a bit plain. 😀 I also apologize for the lack of posts, I hope this will -kind of- make up for it but I think I’m going to start posting regularly once again once I finish my current reads -which are a school read and a Turkish book.

Enjoy and don’t forget to comment what your most anticipated releases are!

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BOOK HAUL: July & August

Hi! It has been almost a month since I last posted a review and I’m incredibly sorry for that, but I have been super busy with school and for a moment I basically lost myself in a mess of things but I’m a bit better now, so back to business! 😀

July was my birthday month, so I that obviously means even more books than usual because you now have an excuse to buy books. I think I also bought books in August but I it was the most challenging month for me this year, therefore I didn’t keep track of the books I bought in August. (That’s actually why I combined both months)

Here are my new babies. Enjoy!

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A Little Update


I don’t like posting non-bookish things here but I thought you needed an information-post kind of thing…

I know I didn’t post a review this week, it’s because a) I couldn’t get into All The Bright Places b) I couldn’t get into I Was Here c) I re-read Anna and the French Kiss d) I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I don’t like writing review for well-known series (Harry Potter isn’t well-known anymore though it’s basically a legend hahahah) and after I finish the third and fourth books, I’ll start reading Red Queen (probably) so you aren’t going to get a review until I start reading Red Queen.

Plus, I’m going on a vacation this week (on Thursday) and I will not come back until July 10; it’s a school trip kind of thing (but obviously more fun) to Italy, we’re going there by bus and it’s going to be soooo much fun but since we’re going there by bus, I’ll have very little time to read books let alone write reviews. I’ll try to finish The Goblet of Fire before I leave so that I can start Red Queen as soon as I come back.

Another thing: I finally got a new laptop!!!! After my gorgeous pink netbook died for an unknown reason, I started looking for a new laptop and eventually we bought a Macbook (which is incredibly pretty, I’m literally caressing it right now)

I have a story on Wattpad called Romeo Must DieI have 18 chapters ready & saved but they need to be edited. I also want to start editing & posting the chapters again, I can do that now that I have my laptop *does the happy dance*

So, this is it for now. I’ll not check my WordPress/Tumblr/Instagram until July 10 (or maybe 9), so see you until them 👋🏽


This is my first ever Book Haul post and I’m so excited to share it with you, mainly because I bought a lot of great books this month but also because hey, it’s my first Book Haul post?!

(click on the images to see larger ones)

IMG_5900I bought a total of 20 books this month (which also means that I’m on a book buying ban now, at least until I finish half of these), all from different places and I even managed to finish reading one.

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