Hi! I’m Defne; but you can also call me Daph/Daphne if that’s easier for you.

I am a student from Istanbul, Turkey who has an undying love for books—obviously.

I read in two different languages (not including Spanish since it’s my second foreign language and the only books I read in Spanish are graded readers) : Turkish and English. I’ll not be posting reviews for the books I read in Turkish.

“But why are you reading in English if your native language is Turkish?”

Reading translated books is not something I like. Because there are so many words and phrases and idioms that cannot be translated into certain languages and I think that when translators use a different word to replace that word/phrase/idiom, the whole sentence loses its meaning. But that doesn’t mean I’ll read Marquez’s books in Spanish or Kerstin Gier’s in German. I’ll just try to forget that fact. 😀

*There will be books that I read in Turkish which were originally published in English because a) they are school reads b) the original book is not found in Turkey c) I’m unable to order the book online . I may or may not post reviews for those books, it depends on my mood.

I also like listening to music. My favorite bands are The Maine, Every Avenue, The Summer Set, Lawson, The Vamps and The 1975. You can always recommend some songs or bands/singers though!

Where to find me:

Tumblr: that-bookworm

Goodreads: creasedspines


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