BOOK HAUL: July & August

Hi! It has been almost a month since I last posted a review and I’m incredibly sorry for that, but I have been super busy with school and for a moment I basically lost myself in a mess of things but I’m a bit better now, so back to business! 😀

July was my birthday month, so I that obviously means even more books than usual because you now have an excuse to buy books. I think I also bought books in August but I it was the most challenging month for me this year, therefore I didn’t keep track of the books I bought in August. (That’s actually why I combined both months)

Here are my new babies. Enjoy!


These are from one of my bestest friends ^o^. When we were in Prague together, she told me that this series is one of her favourite series and that I had to read it. Then I told her that they were already on my TBR list but since I had too many books waiting to be read, I wouldn’t be able to buy them anytime soon. She then told me that she was going to buy them as a birthday gift to me. And she did. 😀

I heard so many different things about these, I don’t know what to expect but I hope I’ll love them. Have you seen those covers?! *.*


One of my really close friends that I met through the internet (who lives in another city) came to my city last month, and she bought this book for me. I have never read any of Jojo Moyes’ books before (no, not even Me Before You) even though I have heard amazing things about them. This will be the first one for me (and hopefully not the last).


Again, two other friends that I met through the internet bought these two. I’m absolutely in love with these covers, especially Love Letters To Dead’s.


Now that I own the first book, I can finally read this duology…? I don’t know, but you got me 😀


These two are two of my school reads this year. I’ve wanted to read Fahrenheit 451 for so long, I was actually planning on reading it before this year ended but the school is making us read it so that’s nice 😀


When I went to the bookstore to buy the books above (the school reads), this gem caught my eye immediately. It’s coat is so lovely and I think the concept is also a very good idea. I really want to start this as soon as possible.


I went to Turin last week! 😀 Obviously, before going I made a list of 3 bookstores that I needed to visit. Sadly, websites of bookstores always contain much more items than the actual bookstore. *sigh* I was able to find this though, I’ve read The Sky Is Everywhere, but I heard super amazing things about this book so I’m full of expectations. Heh.


*mhm* My birthday month. Thriftbooks gave me a 10% discount code for my birthday and I just had to spend it.


Once again, my birthday was the excuse for these 4 books. 😀 My parents didn’t buy books, so I decided to buy gifts for myself. I love the covers of these books and they are all very interesting so I really hope they won’t be a disappointment ^o^

Sooo, this is it. 😀 I now have over 50 books in my TBR pile though, so I think I’ll put myself on a book buying ban for a while. I also have a $30 Gift Card from Amazon though, so I might use that (don’t know when though. But I’ve already picked the books I’m going to buy. ;))


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