A Little Update


I don’t like posting non-bookish things here but I thought you needed an information-post kind of thing…

I know I didn’t post a review this week, it’s because a) I couldn’t get into All The Bright Places b) I couldn’t get into I Was Here c) I re-read Anna and the French Kiss d) I’m currently reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I don’t like writing review for well-known series (Harry Potter isn’t well-known anymore though it’s basically a legend hahahah) and after I finish the third and fourth books, I’ll start reading Red Queen (probably) so you aren’t going to get a review until I start reading Red Queen.

Plus, I’m going on a vacation this week (on Thursday) and I will not come back until July 10; it’s a school trip kind of thing (but obviously more fun) to Italy, we’re going there by bus and it’s going to be soooo much fun but since we’re going there by bus, I’ll have very little time to read books let alone write reviews. I’ll try to finish The Goblet of Fire before I leave so that I can start Red Queen as soon as I come back.

Another thing: I finally got a new laptop!!!! After my gorgeous pink netbook died for an unknown reason, I started looking for a new laptop and eventually we bought a Macbook (which is incredibly pretty, I’m literally caressing it right now)

I have a story on Wattpad called Romeo Must DieI have 18 chapters ready & saved but they need to be edited. I also want to start editing & posting the chapters again, I can do that now that I have my laptop *does the happy dance*

So, this is it for now. I’ll not check my WordPress/Tumblr/Instagram until July 10 (or maybe 9), so see you until them 👋🏽


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