REVIEW: Time Between Us & Time After Time by Tamara Ireland Stone


Title: Book 1-Time Between Us ; Book 2-Time After Time

Author: Tamara Ireland Stone

Publisher: Corgi Books

ISBN: 9780552565202 & 9780552565219

Pages: 362 & 339

Rating:  Book 1– 3/5 ; Book 2– 4/5

“Time Between Us” and “Time After Time” are young adult science-fiction (kind of? not entirely sure about this one) books that tell us about Anna and Bennett; a not-so-normal couple. Bennett has the ability to travel in time; he meets Anna when he travels back in time (he is 17 in 2012 while Anna is 16 in 1995) and after they become a couple, they struggle to keep Bennett’s ability a secret and also manage their relationship.

It was hard for me to understand what was happening while Bennett was moving in time; I had to stop reading and try to draw a map-thing in my mind. I think the author could have explained it better because at one point, it became really confusing and I just stopped trying to understand the actions.

Also, in the first book, Anna and Bennett’s relationship didn’t really seem real to me. I thought it was too artificial. It didn’t have an actual start and I don’t think they actually talked about their feelings towards each other properly, they only talked about school or about Bennett’s ability. Thankfully, that -kind of- changed towards the end of book 2.

In the second book, our couple faces some more challenges. It is hard for Anna -and Bennett- when Bennett cannot control himself while travelling back and forth and it becomes especially harder when Bennett does something very unnecessary and sees something he shouldn’t.

I think Time After Time was waaaay better than Time Between Us. There was an actual event in book 2 that made reading it more interesting and had a little bit more drama in it than the first book and hey, I love drama (when it is an acceptable amount).

“‘What you saw doesn’t matter because the future isn’t set in stone and you know it. Every single decision you’ve made beyond that moment is changing what you saw.'”

I can’t say that the ending of book 2 (and the series) was enough for me though. The events before the ending were very exciting and I was kind of hoping that the author would surprise us with an unexpected ending but not only the ending was expected, it was also rushed; it didn’t really satisfy me.

Overall, though, it was a really fun series to read and excluding the minor problems, this book is worth a try, so yeah, you should give it a try.

Where to Buy: Amazon // Book Depository


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