REVIEW: Rule by Jay Crownover


Title: Rule

Author: Jay Crownover

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 978-0-00-753629-0

Pages: 339

Rating: 3/5

“Every girl I knew had had the prerequisite infatuation with a bad boy at one time or another. Of course, they normally grew out of it when they realized the bad boy was just an ass and they deserved to be treated better.”

Rule is a new-adult novel where a good girl falls in love with a bad boy, who also happens to be her -dead- best friend’s twin, thinking that one day he’ll realize how madly she’s been in love with him. Then one day, her wish comes true.

1. I don’t know how I feel about the fact that Rule starts paying attention to Shaw after having sex with her. Rule already knew Shaw was attractive but the two kept bickering every day until that sex and that doesn’t make sense to me. I knew from the start that that wasn’t going to be a relationship that I was a fan of but I kept reading the book because why not?

2. In the first half of the book, we have absolutely no information on Rule’s feelings towards Shaw and their ‘relationship’ and that becomes frustrating after a while. I didn’t even know they were in a ‘relationship’ until page 200-something.

3. Cheating. Freaking cheating. I have 0 respect to cheaters and it doesn’t matter who that person is, they immediately lose all my respect. Rule is one of those people.

Besides these three points, the book was so predictable. I felt like it was a repetition of almost all new adult novels I have read—good girl meets bad boy/player who is also broken inside, they decide to give it a shot, something bad happens, they realize they’ve been in love, they get back together, happy ending.

Some of the sentences were too long or didn’t have the correct punctuation marks. I didn’t notice any grammar errors though, unlike other people, so that’s a bonus part -I guess- (Not-so-fun fact: The Turkish publisher apparently wrote “Jay Crowner” instead of “Jay Crownover”)

If you’re looking for a quick read that may (or may not) give you major feels, you can read Rule, though. I looked at the Goodreads reviews of the book. There are people who absolutely loved the book while there are also people who didn’t like the book. You can read some if you are looking for a more accurate review.

Where to Buy: Book Depository // Amazon


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